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Wanna Dance? (England x Colombia) Part 2
Battlements lined up on the beach of thriving port city, facing the opposition on the sea. A young woman stood stolid at the head of the army, clutching a great Spanish flag in her right hand. She stared out at the approaching ships with acrimony. Good-for-nothing, idiotic, air-headed, arrogant, smug, foolish, disgusting, irritating, cocky, stupid bastards! I’ll show those weak Englishmen what the Latin spirit is made of!
A strong hand settled on her shoulder. Colombia glanced up to find Boss Spain’s strong features set in an expression of determination. “You should probably move out of the line of fire.”
Colombia scoffed and stepped away from his grip. “Nunca! I need to protect my land and people—I can’t just trust you to do it.” She crossed her arms and looked away from him.
His noble countenance changed into a more intimidating glare of frustration and annoyance when he looked down at her. “Te dije que te fueras.
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Toffee Fluff! (England x Colombia)
”Anglaterra! Anglateeeeeeerraaaa~!” Daniela called through the house. Arthur was currently at his desk, aggressively trying to finish the pile of work bestowed upon him by an imprudent boss. At the sound of Daniela’s voice he lifted his head. “Yes, love?”
He awaited a reply but instead heard small footsteps pound through the hallway, approaching him. A short brunette with lively hazel eyes flung open the door and smiled excitedly. “Miamor, there’s a Doctor Who marathon going on and I thought we could watch it together~! Because it’s your favorite show and I’ve never seen it and all...” Arthur couldn’t help but grin at her adorable enthusiasm. “I-I would like that, but...” He gestured at the remaining lump of papers. “I have a lot to do...”
Daniela frowned at the paperwork. “Ew...trabajo...” She sauntered over to his desk, picking up the handset and quickly p
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Wanna Dance? (England x Colombia)
~October 22, 1739~
A young woman stood on the empty beach. The sun was about to descend below the horizon, but the trials of day were far from finished. A dark ship approached the shore she waited on, bearing bad tidings for the young country.
Colombia gritted her teeth. How dare more pirates think they can come and take her over? Seize her cities and mountains and rivers and forests? Spain had already come and conquered her a while ago—she didn’t need another arrogant, power-hungry country in her life.
The ship was fast in coming. She pushed down all her resentment and attempted to plaster a look of innocent curiosity on her face, despite her military attire. Let’s see whether they deserve my hospitality or not, she thought to herself.
By now the ship had beached. Colombia readied herself for the onslaught of ruffians, but none come. A lone figure climbed down the side of the ship to reach the sand, clad in a red overcoat with gold epaulets on his shoul
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Adventures in Food (England x Colombia)
Arthur sighed and leaned his head back on the couch. Once again, he burned the scones he had so wanted to surprise Daniela with. It had already happened 7 times! When would he finally get it right?
He looked back down at the plate before him and gingerly grasped one of the burnt pieces of bread. He brought it to his mouth and took a small nibble, before his face froze and he spit out the tiny bite in disgust. “Yuck...she can’t eat these...” he muttered to himself.
“Arthur?” came a voice from somewhere in the house. The Brit looked up towards the source of the voice and a faint smile touched his lips. He loved it when she said his name, in the lovely, gentle Spanish accent of hers. “Yes, love?” He called back.
Said Colombian girl walked around the corner into sight, clad in a shirt of Arthur’s that was far too big for her and shorts underneath. She rubbed her eyes and yawned groggily. “I smelled something burning,” she replied,
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Jealous!England x Reader - Short Drabble
You writhed on your couch and uttered the most ungodly noise ever, the epitome of fangirling. Your British companion looked at you in shock and crossed his arms. “_-____...?” He questioned, annoyance and mild concern in his voice. You glanced up at your boyfriend, then back to the TV screen. This sent you into another fit of squeals.
“I just—Legolas is so—awesome!!!” you replied through squirms and buried your face into a pillow. Arthur listened to the muffled shrieks coming from you and sighed. “______...”
You lifted your face from the pillow. “Yes?”
His gaze shifted to you quickly before his eyes dropped. “Oh, uh...nothing.”
You looked at him curiously. “C’mon...something’s wrong.” You paused, a mischievous grin crossing your face. “No’re jealous!”
“Wha—no! No I’m not! Why would I be jeal
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(Pirate!England x Reader) Pied Piper
Every member of your little village was gathered on the outskirts of the town to welcome a stranger. A blonde stranger with a charismatic smile and flashing emerald eyes that most were immediately attracted to...
But not you.
You were not fooled by his sudden appearance promises of salvation almost as outlandish as his clothing. The people of the town were so desperate that they ignored his hungry, deceitful eyes and voice. The only eyes that were able to see past the glamour and glimpse the wolf of his soul were yours.
You hugged your shawl around your arms, although it was not cold and it was broad daylight. Children ran all around you towards the man, jumping up and down on their tiny legs and staring up at him in admiration. You huffed out a breath. This man did not deserve their adoration.
“You have all suffered far too long!” he proclaimed loudly, addressing the whole crowd of dozens before him. “And for far too long have you been ignored.” You tilted your
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Tea or Coffee (England x Colombia) Oneshot
Tea or Coffee (England x Colombia) Oneshot
The exotic brunette gingerly grasped the tiny teacup’s handle between her fingers— without sticking out her pinkie. England pushed down the tiny twinge of annoyance that resonated deep wherever his bad habits were kept, and instead focused on her expression as Colombia sipped the cup’s contents.
While she drank the tea, her face remained obstinate; but as soon as the gulp went down her throat her face brightened for a moment in approval, before it quickly changed  back to the familiar, stubborn, expression.
England felt warm satisfaction now in place of annoyance. “You like it,” he whispered. “You like tea!”
Colombia’s eyes widened and she began to laugh haltingly, shaking her head vigorously. “No,” she replied, “No, I hate tea. I love coffee. Obviously.” She hastily jumped out of her chair and moved away from the Brit.
“No, no, I saw it in your fa
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Touchy-Feely (Awesome Trio x Reader)
Touchy-Feely (Awesome Trio x Reader)
Pop, pop, pop. The popcorn in the microwave softly beat out a tune, to which you gladly submitted to. A sigh of relief escaped your lips. “Home! Finally...” you breathed to yourself. Today had been a long, tiring day in which your main duty had been to deal with aggravating, ungrateful, belligerent people whose days’ had suddenly become ten times more important than yours.
You flopped down on your couch clad in baggy pajama pants and a tank top. “Time for a Doctor Who marathon,” you said, taking up your remote and pointing it at the television. You wrapped a fluffy blanket around your shoulders for extra warmth. “And no one’s gonna—”
Your sentence was cut off as a loud pounding on the door. Your gaze snapped to it in annoyance and you let out a loud groan. Begrudgingly, you stood from your comfortable position on the couch and shuffled to it. Whoever it is better be ready to pay...
:iconbirdsandpoetry:BirdsAndPoetry 386 152
Valentine's Special (France x Reader)
Daisies and Lilies - Valentine's Special (France x Reader)
Just a bit of one-shot drabble I thought of when I desperately wanted to fall asleep. Enjoy the fruits of my suffering.
Seriously, I had to get up early that day!
Happy Valentine's Day!

~February 14th, 10 Years Ago~
The 7-year-old girl sat at the picnic table alone, absentmindedly sucking on a lollipop while letting her (e/c) eyes wander over all the playing children. I’ll join them later, she thought. After I finish this lollipop.
Bonjour,” spoke a voice behind her. She turned and tilted her head innocently to the side. “What does “bonjour” mean?” she asked the boy standing before her with a bouquet in his hand.
The boy looked at her as if she was crazy. “Bonjour means hello, of course.” he replied, French accent weaving in between his words. The girl looked thoughtful for a moment, then giggled. “You talk funny
:iconbirdsandpoetry:BirdsAndPoetry 19 6
Tiny Dancer (Spain x Reader) Chapter 2
Tiny Dancer (Spain x Reader) Chapter 2
Sorry this took so long! I've been bedridden with a terrible case of writer's block. Oh, it was horrible. Even my vomit seemed boring.
Okay, TMI.
But I'm back! And here ya go!

The Barcelona marketplace was perfect in the morning—it wasn't crowded or noisy (because most Spaniards liked to sleep in), the air was cool, and the salespeople were in good moods. Your brother had sent you out to go grocery shopping, because he claimed that it was a "woman's job!"
But you didn't mind.
"Ew. Ew. Yum!" you exclaim as you examine the apples, filling your basket with the juicy fruit. You lift up an apple that was bruised badly on one side, but looked perfectly delicious on the other. You smile evilly as you place it in the basket. So shopping is a women's job, eh? Well, that's how you come by poison apples, you think morbidly.
"El señorita parece que está tramando algo,"* a voice behind you sounds. You jump and whirl around.
:iconbirdsandpoetry:BirdsAndPoetry 17 2
Tiny Dancer (Spain x Reader)
Tiny Dancer (Spain x Reader)
You stand still, eyes closed, the cobblestone street beneath your nailed shoes...
You breathe deeply, as the music begins and flows over you...
Inundating you with memories and feeling long since forgotten...
But brought to life by sounds such as this.
You strike a pose.
Your feet begin to tap to the music as you bring your arms around, clicking the castanets in your hands. The music picks up slightly, hinting at the climax that is soon to come. The notes fly around you, dipping and spinning, and you find yourself mimicking its movements. The nails in your shoes create sharp beats in the cool Barcelona air.
Abruptly, the guitar music stops, as do you, with your head tipped back at the cloudless sky and your arms stiff at your sides.
The brief pause was trickery, and the guitarist dramatically flares his fingers across the strings, the music now as urgent as a midnight ride.
Your feet play quickly, stomping on the cobblestones as you s
:iconbirdsandpoetry:BirdsAndPoetry 23 6


A:TLA: Sokka by mongrelmarie A:TLA: Sokka :iconmongrelmarie:mongrelmarie 849 85
Miraculous Ladybug Fanfic: Spirit-Touched
Summary: The first Ladybug and Chat Noir weren't humans.  They were dragons.  And now, they're coming back.
Rating: K+
Her scales are a vibrant red like rubies, hide spotted black in sharp contrast.  Insectoid wings lay flat against her back, shimmering iridescent in the moonlight. They buzz like a hummingbird when she flies, little more than blurs as she darts and dodges. For the moment, though, she is at rest. Her claws scrape quietly against the metal of the Eiffel Tower, shifting as she arches her neck to look out across the city.
Beautiful, Chat thinks, because that is what she is. Beautiful. Ladybug is elegance and grace combined with a sort of ethereal splendor all rolled into one, and nothing will ever convince him otherwise.
He sighs, a faint cloud of smoke issuing from the back of his throat at the movement. Ladybug is amazing, far more well-liked by the people than him. For a good reason, too- she's kind, and wonderful, an
:icondarkscales:DarkScales 14 5
Miraculous Ladybug Fanfic- Handsprings and Aerials
Summary: An obstacle course, a fistbump, and revelations.  Reveal fic, Fistbumps Verse part one.
Rating: K
"An obstacle course?" Marinette asked, taking in the sight of the equipment stretching all the way across the gym. "What's this for?"
"I don't know. Maybe it's supposed to be like a big finish to our gymnastics unit or something?" Alya wondered, walking up to stand next to her friend. She frowned as she glanced over it, brow furrowed. "Wow. That looks… really hard."
If Marinette wasn't regularly pulling off acrobatic stunts across the Parisian rooftops that would make any gymnast green with envy every night, she might have agreed. As it was, the course merely looked mildly difficult. Somewhat challenging, but not impossible. Besides, it wasn't as if there was going to be an akuma to fight in the middle of it, either. At least, she sincerely hoped not...
Behind them, there was an aggravated groan as Nino came up to stand beside
:icondarkscales:DarkScales 97 15
The Lights by alicexz The Lights :iconalicexz:alicexz 44,753 1,855 away with you. by sugarmints away with you. :iconsugarmints:sugarmints 3,239 146 Rocking Heavy Metal by Ctreuse109 Rocking Heavy Metal :iconctreuse109:Ctreuse109 5,382 119 Raven by DonPapi Raven :icondonpapi:DonPapi 773 69 Raven by ftourini Raven :iconftourini:ftourini 1,188 124 Raven by DrMistyTang Raven :icondrmistytang:DrMistyTang 984 120 raven by blueshadows raven :iconblueshadows:blueshadows 1,068 64 Raven by Maiafay Raven :iconmaiafay:Maiafay 2,135 118 Raven by MagicnaAnavi Raven :iconmagicnaanavi:MagicnaAnavi 5,590 489 landscape #36 by Sylar113 landscape #36 :iconsylar113:Sylar113 3,182 81 Morning After Brofist by LovelyRugby
Mature content
Morning After Brofist :iconlovelyrugby:LovelyRugby 704 81
Aura of autumn set of 3  by Leonid Afremov by Leonidafremov Aura of autumn set of 3 by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 1,546 58 The Punisher: Ye Olde Bearded Badass by theDURRRRIAN The Punisher: Ye Olde Bearded Badass :iconthedurrrrian:theDURRRRIAN 5,710 163



start writing again...   

sorry guys, but high school sucks >.<
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